The one thing we all strive to find and keep even when it seems quite elusive is happiness. So, how does one stay or become happy?

1. Be optimistic even when it may be laborious.

2. Own yourself and own your emotions.

3. Treat your body like it deserves to be happy.

4. Don’t surround yourself with people that will bring you down.

5. Try and express yourself and don’t let your emotions bottle up because eventually you will explode.


The misunderstood words of man.

There is a point in our lives where we want to say something to a particular person but we just cannot find the words to express this feeling. I have been in situations where I need and want to express how I feel and the words just do not formulate in my mind at all or completely. I would say one thing but mean the complete opposite, and this puts a wet blanket on day to day life. It is quite ironic because when I’m writing for an English essay or writing my poetry I find it quite easy to express my feelings about other things and other characters, but not so much myself. Although, maybe my feelings are expressed through the characters I create and through the poetry I write (mental breakthrough here) haha. I can express my feelings about matters, people and characters unrelated to myself, but find it difficult to do it when it comes to my own feelings. Can you express your feelings perfectly or do you find it as challenging as I do?

Great Expectations

We all have an expectation when it comes to relationships and everyday life. We expect things to be a certain way but most of the time it ends up being the complete opposite.  I for one expect a friend to be there for me and not to abandon me soon as something els comes along. What are some of your expectations when it comes to friends?