Little monsters

(Rah)²(Ah)³+[Roma(1+MA)]+(Ga)²+(OOH)(LA)² = GAGA

I am POSITIVE all of you have heard of international super-star LADY GAGA.

Lady Gaga is one of the very best singers and performers in the world, she has produced smashing hits and amazing music videos while being an inspiration to all her fans, “Little monsters” as she calls us. Our mother monster has achieved all this success and she is only 27 (Don’t die and join the 27-club please).

Most “common people” would say that Lady Gaga is a satanic worshiper, which I think it is absolutely ridiculous. These comments come from people who are close minded and look for the devil in everything and anything, although we/I understand why one would say so, Lady Gaga knows how to evoke emotions and knows how to work the propaganda to her own advantage, which just makes her a smart artist.

Love her or hate her
She is an amazing artist
And earns a shit load of cash.


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