Bring me the horizon or Black Veil Brides?

Drop me a comment on why you would chose BMTH over BVB or BVB over BMTH.


4 thoughts on “BMTH vs BVB”

  1. BMTH has grown into a mature band, focussing on various ways to influence their audience, with a set of dynamic musicality, the range of Oliver Sykes voice is impeccable and the lyrical content is relevant to my ideas of society, which seems rather bleek at most. With facemelting breakdowns and the nature of rock bmth makes bvb seem like a bunch of boy band pussies, more feeding on their looks as to their music. BMTHwell to me will always stay timeless.

  2. BMTH just gives more, it’s more than music. They continue to evolve musically, there’s a clear indication that they don’t just make music for the sake of it. Bring me the horizon is a way of life. BVB is just another product of the shitty, shallow machine that is thoughtless in making music. No feeling or meaning put into it.

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