Don’t waste all that sweetness to run and hide. I will explode with love and life. One day you will wake up and want somebody. It’s okay to be afraid just imitate the art and it will never be the same. They left my heart bleeding in the dark and I lost my faith in everything but now my intentions are golden. My peace of mind and I will sing for the things we want and they will fall from the sky in pieces and I will learn it’s okay to be afraid. I will be the blank page before you and use the words as weapons and write our story. I don’t think I know what it’s like to be fine. I feel like I’m chasing my ideas but it doesn’t matter. Maybe we are wasting time. I feel like everything you say is broken and you must be joking. But I’m laughing to myself? Ill hear you out and I hear you shout. Should I fall on my knees and hear the voices of the dead friends that lay beneath me? It’s a true story. Ill be good. Take a picture of me? We will be fantastic. I promise to be nice. No not nice, kind. I’m not sure how to get back home oh well we are the lost people pretending to know. The sequence of sound makes me smile. You shit on me but I smile. In my box ill take over. I always though it was you… I wanna be rich and a superficial bitch. Wait not that’s vulgar. Just wait till they announce my name and all you will sleep in my fame. Read my book it will make you cry I don’t know why but it will make you cry.


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