Kill the bully

I look up into the faded night contemplating the story of my life. I have fought for every though that has armed my mind, and you may think that I am nothing but I just look away..
You hit me with the worst you got just wait and see because you wanna be just like me.
I pick up all the pieces of my heart but you occupied my mind not with love but with fear that has started to fire
You call me skinny and pale I call you dead I just need to last a year then all shall be mine
My story has no end the worrying continues as I walk these halls this doesn’t make sense
So in a rhyme I wrote you down and now you will live as the day old villain during the ages.
Because the day will come
Where I put a gun to your head and paint the walls red
I will walk into the dark with a different heart
The eyes will be cast to the ground and the night will be all I have
I will never be the same
But only the king of the damned

Luke Parsons.


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